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Exhibitions 2017
Rose Ellis -In One Breath Rose Ellis - Hanging new Artwork


Rose has been well-received by the public so far in 2017! She has had four separate exhibitions of her work, and these have already boosted sales of her original oils and of her prints.

In mid-April, the Artworks Cultural Center in Big Rapids hosted a 15-piece exhibition of Rosemary’s bubble-paintings, A Burst of Bubbles. Rose also gave an hour-long presentation about her work to the Cultural Center patrons in the Painted Turtle Gallery. Pat Heeter, the Artworks Exhibit Coordinator (see photo above), reported on all of the positive feedback from the community on Rosemary’s "bubble universe."

On May 20, the Cascade Gallery near Grand Rapids opened its month-long group show of six regional artists, and Rosemary was represented with eleven different paintings of her recent landscapes. Gallery owner Axel Ewald said he was very pleased by the response to Rosemary’s work following the show.

On September 5, the Lowell Arts group, also near Grand Rapids, will feature ten of Rose’s best bubble paintings, showcasing the range of her skills working in this challenging style. The exhibition will be part of a year-long celebration of Lowell Arts’ recent move to their new facility, at the corner of Main and Broadway downtown.

Finally, Rose will exhibit her work in Grand Rapids for the annual Artprize competition. Her 60” x 72” oil painting (see photo above) will hang in the DeVos Place convention Center between September 20 - October 8. Be sure to vote for Rose in the Artprize judging!!! Her painting is entitled In One Breath, and its official Artprize number is #64961.