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FAQ's about Rose Ellis Paintings


Q. Are all the paintings on Rosemary's website for sale?

A. No, some of the art work has already been sold, in which case the word "SOLD" will appear in the description of the painting.  Rosemary includes sold work on her website in order to give clients ideas on the types of commissions they may wish to order from her; or in order for her clients to order high quality, limited edition giclee prints of the original.


Q. How are prices determined for Rosemary's artwork?

A. The price for any work of art varies according to many factors, one of which is size. Simply put, a larger work requires more time to complete and more materials (paint, wood, canvas, varnish, etc.) to execute.  For example, very large work may require a specially-made stretcher capable of supporting the weight of the finished canvas and paint, and one that resists any tendency to warp or twist when the canvas is stretched.  Or a client desiring gold leaf on the painting will incur greater cost for special materials. a giclee print may vary in price depending on its size, and the degree of enhancement the client deires. Original prints on metal or vinyl will vary in price depending on the size and materials requested. Finally, a gallery can often be the final arbiter of price, determining what costs for marketing and advertising should be added to the price.


Q. For how many years will Rosemary's paintings retain their vibrant colors and textures before they chip or crack or fade?

A. Rosemary's work will never fade, chip or crack if it is well maintained by the client.  She uses only the highest quality materials and all her canvases are professionally stretched upon the frame.  In addition, all her paintings are "sealed" professionally with varnish to protect the surface from damage and deterioration.  They are truly "museum-quality." Over many decades, of course, pictures acquire dirt and damage.  Paintings kept in attics or cellars may collect moisture, or pictures hung in kitchens, restaurants, and near chimneys may acquire grime.  These are exceptional situations, however; and in any case, museum-quality work can easily be cleaned, repaired and restored should the need arise.


 Q.  Is there a minimum size or dollar-value for ordering a commission from Rosemary?  Can ordinary clients arrange a commission or does it have to be from an institution or organization?

A.  A "commission" is simply art work made to a client's order, and Rosemary frequently does small and large commissions as a regular part of her work.  Some of her commissions are for institutional settings and purposes, while others are done for private individuals.  Normally, Rose can't afford the time to work on commissions less than $1,000. Visit her "Commissions" page on this website for a full explanation of what the commission process involves.


Q.  What sort of "rights" come with the purchase of a painting?  Will I fully own the artwork, and can I do with it what I wish?

A.  As the purchaser of one of Rosemary's works of art, you and no one else owns the work and Rosemary has no further claims upon the painting or sculpture you purchased.  You may give it away as a gift or sell it if you wish, although Rosemary does require that you notify her of such transfers in order for her to keep track of the work's "provenance" or history for archival purposes. (A solid "provenance" to an artwork greatly increases its market value.)  However - and this is very important - you do not own the rights to alter or reproduce Rosemary's image just because you have purchased the painting or sculpture.  For example, you may not copy or reproduce the artwork in order to sell prints of it, nor license others to do so, nor can you use the artwork for commercial purposes such as advertising your business.  Your purchase rights only include ownership of the original painting or print, while Rosemary alone retains the right to reproduce copies of the original in limited edition gicleé prints. Additionally, you may not "paint over," change or otherwise alter what Rosemary originally created.  Rosemary retains all of these additional or "subsidiary" rights which are protected by international copyright law governing intellectual property, and any such use of her creative work must be approved by her in writing. Rosemary's work has appeared on numerous book covers, in advertising brochures, magazines, etc., and she is happy to sell reprint rights of her work for such purposes.


Q. What do the dimensions refer to in the description of a painting?  How do these dimensions relate to the framing?

A.  The dimensions given for each painting refer to the actual dimensions of the painted canvas as stretched upon the stretcher-bars.  Some clients prefer to purchase and hang certain paintings unframed, and Rosemary tries to paint all of her paintings "around the edges" in order to accommodate this. This is described as "gallery wrapped" (see next question) on her website.  Other clients prefer to frame their paintings.  The dimensions given in the description, however, always refer to the total size of the painted image, unframed, and stretched upon the stretcher bars.


Q.  What does the expression "gallery wrapped" signify in the painting's description?

A.  This means that the particular painting is painted around all four edges and not just the 2-dimensional surface that the viewer sees from the front.  Many artists will "finish" a painting in this way, realizing that the client may wish to hang the artwork unframed.  In Rosemary's case, however, this "side-painting" is a continuation of the image, and not simply a solid color that she adds to the sides in order to make an unframed painting look good on a wall.  "Gallery wrapped" also means that the canvas is not tacked or stapled on the sides (as is normally the case with paintings intended to be framed), it is tacked in the back where it cannot be seen.


Q.  Will Rosemary provide a frame for her painting if I desire that?

A.  Not by mail order, although you may order frames in person at her "Artists' Studio" located in Grand Rapids, where she provides full-service custom framing for her clients. The choice of frame is normally a very personal choice dependent upon the client’s taste, the decor of the space, or the types of frames used in the owner’s own collection.  “Stock” frames in standard sizes (but in limited styles) can also be purchased very economically in art stores, discount stores and other locations; and Rosemary’s paintings can easily fit into them.  On the other hand, some clients occasionally prefer to take Rosemary’s paintings to a a favorite frame shop in their own community or neighborhood.


Q.  Can I expect to receive the painting I've purchased exactly as it's shown here on Rosemary's website?

A. Yes, in most cases. Rosemary has made every effort to ensure that the color values here on her website correspond exactly to those of the actual painting.  However, the color balance of your computer or monitor may present color values that are slightly different from the original artwork.  This is normal when viewing any graphic images on computers. And certainly the full image on the painted canvas or linen that you see here on the website corresponds exactly to the original that you will receive. Rose always recommends that you view the originals in one of the galleries listed here on her website. 


Q. Can I return a painting if it is damaged in shipment?

A. Yes. Shipping damage is a cost covered by insurance and Rosemary takes full responsibility for that. This is the only reason, however, for which your complete purchase cost will be refunded to you.  Otherwise all sales are final.


Q. If I wish to purchase a painting that the website lists as "sold," can Rosemary paint another for me that is identical?

A. Yes, but it cannot be an "exact" copy. The color values of the new painting will not correspond exactly to those of the original because each oil painting is absolutely unique. This new painting is a form of commission that Rosemary frequently does for her clients. And when ordering this kind of commission, Rosemary will work with you by giving you sample images of the color values from which you can choose, and even a different size of the painting should you desire that.

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